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Sam Andrews

Let me tell you about me

If you’re looking for support, you want someone you can trust.

So, why would you trust me?

I’ll be honest with you, so that we can build a genuine relationship.

In return, I would hope you can be honest and open with me, to explore your journey so far and help you find your answers. With me you have a safe space to ask questions and explore your feelings, we’ll do this together.

I have Dyspraxia, which allows me to recognise the importance of clear language in communication. This can enhance our relationship, especially if – like me – you think and process language, or social situations, differently.

I’ll provide you with a warm, safe, caring space without judgement.

I’ve helped people who feel like they don’t belong.

Yes, there others who feel like you.

Everybody is different and has their own need for change, but we can work together to recognise the feelings which are causing you distress. Understanding what makes you you – your differences and your similarities – will help you become the person you want to be.

I want to get to know you

I became a counsellor to help others find their answers, to work with people who are struggling with understanding and accepting themselves.

By getting to know yourself better we can explore what you need, and I can:

  • Support you to understand yourself and feel more confident with who you are
  • Help you recognise your own strengths and give you space to grow
  • Be there for you as you become empowered, knowing when to speak up and how you’d like to move forward

I understand that each person I work with is an individual, and what has brought you to me are the experiences from your life. I can give you the space to explore those experiences, to understand what your needs are and to find the possible paths your journey might take.

This is your time, to get the support you deserve. Find out how by getting in touch

I’ve got a wealth of experience

I got my HE Certificate in Psychodynamic Counselling in Leicester, which I followed with a BSc (Hons) in Humanistic and Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy at the Sherwood Institute (Nottingham).

I’m still learning, it’s essential for me to keep growing as a counsellor so I regularly attend CPD (Continuing Professional Development) workshops to expand my knowledge and skills.

Throughout my time counselling I’ve worked with a number of charities: New Dawn New Day (a women’s project in Leicester), The Bower House (a Christian counselling service in Market Harborough), Coping with Cancer (helping support cancer sufferers and their families), Cruse Bereavement Care (a national bereavement support organisation) and Leicester LGBT Centre (a local LGBTQ+ community support centre).

I am also working towards a diploma in supervision, having completed the training I am now able to provide supervision to other counsellors.

If you’d like to find out more about me, or are wondering if we could work together, get in touch. Let’s talk

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