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Counselling for You

How can I help you?

I provide a safe space. When you are ready to learn more about yourself, we can look together to gain that understanding so you can achieve self-acceptance and growth for your future.

Working with Your Strengths to Enrich Your Future

I work with many people who feel they don’t fit in and may have been made to feel that by other people. Together we will work to help you increase your confidence in yourself – this may be your first step to understanding and accepting who you are.

Many people want a better awareness of themselves, maybe you’re looking to explore your neurodiversity, sexuality or gender identity.

For some people, the answer is to look for a formal diagnosis – if so, I can support you in this – and alongside this, we will focus on your skills and abilities, helping you find the right path for you to take. For others, the priority might be accepting yourself, gaining a better knowledge of what is making you react in ways you have felt were wrong or shameful.

Let’s find your path

While I can support you on your path to discovery, I’ll be helping you understand yourself, not making a diagnosis. I don’t believe you need fixing – you are not broken; until now, you have been trying to take a path meant for another, together we will find your path.


There are many concerns people are struggling with when they get in touch with me – relationship problems, work, stress or anxiety. My role isn’t to ‘treat a problem’, it’s to support you to find your own solution.

When you are finding things uncomfortable, I’ll sit with you as you feel your pain allowing you to share what has caused it. Together we’ll look to recognise and understand what has triggered particular reactions within you, to help you own and use your strengths so you have these difficult experiences less often.

Let’s find the best way for you to communicate

In my experience – both personal and professional – communication is at the heart of most difficulties. We’ll find a way for you to communicate, not just be understood but be heard.

If you are struggling to speak your truth, or find someone who will listen, I can help.


When you’re feeling anxious or depressed

Your experience of anxiety or depression may come from trying to fit into the expectations you feel other people have for you. The pressures we feel from society to conform are huge, often we can struggle and are left feeling we don’t fit in – sometimes all we want is to feel we belong.

I’ll work with you to help you understand yourself better and find the confidence to embrace your difference, to accept your struggles but also recognise and celebrate your strengths. Together, we’ll create a space where you can feel safe, here you’ll find an understanding of yourself which you can use to bring a sense of inner peace which will go with you – away from the counselling room – into the outside world.

When you’re struggling with loss

Loss can affect each of us differently and can depend a lot on the relationship you have had. Loss isn’t only about bereavement; it can be the loss of a future we hoped for, with a partner or children, or the loss of our identity when life takes an unexpected turn.

When you feel your future has been challenged, we’ll explore it together to find your way.

When your relationship isn’t working

Relationships can be challenging, understanding each other and creating a partnership that works isn’t easy for all couples. Working together, we’ll explore what’s causing your reactions and how to work through them, strengthening your relationship.

Or maybe you need help to recognise a partnership which is causing you harm. Whether you feel you need to protect yourself, or your identity, from a partner’s damaging words or behaviour – or maybe you’re worried that your own words or behaviour may be the concern – you’re not alone. I’m here to support you.

When your work is getting you down

How do you feel about your job? Do you struggle with relationships? Or maybe you feel you aren’t doing as well as you’d like. Does the thought of going to work make you anxious or unhappy?

By helping you understand yourself better, I can support you as you gain confidence in your own abilities and relationships, finding ways to achieve all that you’re capable of. We’ll work together to help you thrive.

Together, we can also help you find the support you’re entitled to and explore adaptations which may be available in your role. You’ll be able to recognise those elements of your situation which work for you – and those which don’t – so you can consider and explore other roles, opportunities or companies which might fit you better.

When you’re so busy supporting others that your needs get lost

Have you ever been told how important it is to look after yourself? But maybe that feels like another thing to add to a list which will never get done.

As someone who cares, whether for one person or many, you might find you are constantly giving; but that can’t last.

There’s a phrase “You can’t pour from any empty cup”, but how many of us are so busy giving our time and energy to others that we don’t refill our cup? Who will support those we care about, when our time and energy run out?

Time focused on you and your wellbeing will benefit those you care for as well as benefiting you.


There may be things you would like to know before getting in touch. Here are the questions I’m asked most often so, if you have a question, the answer might be here.

How do I get started?

You book in for an initial assessment which lasts 50 minutes, the cost is £25.

When you are ready, just use the contact page of this website or you can call, text or leave a message on 07985530022.

What happens at the initial assessment?

We normally meet at my counselling space, so you get a feel for where you will be coming. Alternatively, our sessions can be online or over the phone if you prefer.

I’ll ask you a series of questions about your health, wellbeing and support network and you then have the space to talk about what you would like support with through counselling. This is the time you can ask me questions too.

I’ll give you a copy of my contract to take away and read. You may need to read them to make sure you are happy booking further sessions, otherwise you can book your sessions immediately. You’ll need to sign the contract at your first session.

How long is a session?

They are 50 minutes.


How much do they cost?

My standard rate is £50. I do offer discounted rates to students, counselling students and those on a low income, please ask for further details.

How many sessions will I need?

Everyone is different so I can’t say for sure how many you will need; we’ll agree together the best support for you.

For short term work, we could agree in assessment that we will work for a minimum of 6 sessions and see how things have progressed from there.

I would not work for any less than 20 weeks on a past or current trauma you may have endured, this is to ensure you get the right support and have time to work safely at your own pace.

If I end therapy, could I come back?

Absolutely, many people who have a successful experience then come across other areas in their life they want support with. These people often contact me to come back into sessions, some for short term work while others like the levels of support and stay long term clients.

Counselling is about you getting what you need, my focus is on you.