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Counselling Services

What do I offer?

I want to provide you with a safe space. Here you’ll gain a better knowledge and understanding of yourself, to help you make the changes you need for growth and acceptance.

For those who are searching for somewhere they belong

I’ve worked with many people who feel like they don’t fit in. I want to help you be comfortable with yourself – it’s the first step to accepting who you are.

Some want a better understanding of themselves, whether that be gender identity or neuro diversity. Some might seek a formal diagnosis, for example those living with Aspergers or ADHD, together we’ll focus on your skills and abilities to help you find the right path.

When you’re caring

As the carer of a child who is struggling, whether it’s through health concerns or feeling excluded, it’s common to feel powerless. The work of support is tiring and hard, understanding what’s needed and getting help can be frustrating, and recognising the loss of the future you had planned can be painful.

I understand these feelings; and I know how difficult it can be to put yourself first. When you need support and guidance, I’m here so you don’t have to do it alone.

If you’re suffering loss

Loss is something many of us experience and struggle to cope with. Loss isn’t only about bereavement; it can be the loss of a future we hoped for, with a partner or children, or the loss of our identity when life takes an unexpected turn.

When you feel your future has been challenged, we’ll explore it together to find your way.


When anxiety or depression are weighing you down

It may be that your experience of anxiety or depression comes from trying to fit into the expectations you feel other people have for you. The pressures we feel from society to conform are huge, especially when we struggle to fit in.

I’ll work with you to understand yourself better, helping you find the confidence to embrace your difference and everything that difference brings. We’ll create a space where you can feel safe and provide a security which stays with you.

For those struggling in a relationship

Relationships can be difficult, understanding each other and creating a partnership that works isn’t easy for all couples. We can work together to understand what’s causing a lack of clear communication and strengthen your relationship.

Or maybe you need help to recognise a partnership which is causing you harm. Whether you feel you need to protect yourself, or your identity, from a partner’s damaging words or behaviour – or you’re worried that your own words or behaviour may be the concern – you’re not alone.

Maybe work is the problem

How do you feel about your job? Do you struggle with relationships there? Or it might be that you aren’t doing as well as you’d like. Does the thought of going to work make you anxious or unhappy?

By helping you understand yourself better, I can support you to gain confidence in your own abilities and relationships – we’ll work together to help you thrive.

Clinical Supervision

As counsellors we all know the necessity of supervision. I can provide you with the support you need, providing supervision of your sessions and an opportunity for open and honest feedback, and sharing of experience and skills. Let me be there for you.

Things you might like to know

These are the questions I’m often asked, if you have a question the answer might be here.

How do I get started?

You book in for an initial assessment which lasts 50 minutes, the cost is £25.

What happens at the initial assessment?

We meet at my counselling space so you can get a feel for where you would be coming to. I ask you a series of questions about your health, wellbeing and support network and you then have the space to talk about what you would like support with through counselling. You can ask me questions at this point too. I give you a copy of my contract to go away with and you can decide whether to book in for sessions, this can also be done on the day if you know you would like us to work together.

How long is a session?

They are 50 minutes.

How much do they cost? 

My standard rate is £40. I do offer discounted rates to students, counselling students and those on a low income, please ask for further details.

How many sessions will I need?

Everyone is different in how many they need, depending on what they are coming to work on. For short term work, we could agree in assessment that we will work for a minimum of 6 sessions and see how things have progressed from there.

I would not work for any less than 20 weeks upwards on any past or current trauma you may have endured, this is to ensure you get the right support and have time to work safely at your own pace.

If I end therapy, could I come back?

Absolutely, many people who have a successful experience then come across other areas in their life they want support with. These people often contact me to come back into sessions, some for short term work while others like the levels of support and stay long term clients.


What happens in an assessment?

Our initial meeting is an informal conversation during which I will find out more about you, your general health, and any concerns you may have about yourself, your past or your family history. We will talk about any worries or concerns you have, and any goals you might have identified.

Am I committed to sessions after an assessment?

No. After the assessment, it is important that I, as the counsellor, confirm that I can provide you with the support you need. It is then up to you to decide if you wish to go ahead.

If I end sessions can I come back?

Yes. It is not unusual for people, having successfully dealt with one set of concerns, to then need support as their life situation changes. How quickly we can resume sessions will depend on the availability of appointments.