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Supervision for Qualified Counsellors – Supporting You and Your Clients

Offering You a Space for Reflection and Growth

Wherever you are on your professional path, I’d like to support you. Through your growth as a therapist, this is what I can offer:

  • Guiding your reflection and learning
  • Empowering you to know your limits and look after yourself
  • Giving you space to reflect and find clarity
  • Exploring the work/life balance for you
  • Consideration of boundaries and risks, for you as well as your clients.

My hope for your supervision is that you would feel nurtured and encouraged, strengthening your confidence in your ability. I work with counsellors to help them gain a deeper understanding of their knowledge, discussing their options for continuing professional development and enhancing their skills.

Is that what you would like?

If you think I might be the supervisor for you, get in touch
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Your Counselling Supervisor, Support Tailored to You

Supervision is a necessary element of your therapeutic practise; as all therapists are unique, so are supervisors making it important to find the right one for you.

Supervision is a relationship, working together to increase your awareness and supporting you as you learn new skills when new areas for growth arise. You will need to be open and honest, listening and learning as well as sharing; you will need to be you. This is my expectation of myself too.

Each new client you work with, each situation or story they share, might take you on a new path. Together we’ll explore those experiences – finding what’s yours, what’s the clients and what’s been co-created. Then we can explore your path forward if that’s what you need.

This is not just about your client; we’ll consider your journey too – where you are, where you want to be, who you want to work with and how your work will take you there.

Supervision – Your Competency, Capacity and Fitness to Practise

Working together, you’ll have opportunities to learn, understand and develop your own skills and knowledge, providing support to your clients.

Like all my clients, you’ll get my ongoing support; giving you a professional service means I have my own supervisor’s supervision as well as professional liability insurance.

Lessons and experience

I’ve been a counsellor since 2011, starting my own private practice in 2016 and becoming a supervisor in 2019. In that time, I’ve worked with individuals privately or within organisations. Through this experience and our own journeys, we will consider your concerns and conflicts; enquiring, exploring, and reflecting on your sessions with your counselling clients.

A safe space

Whether it’s my comfortable, calm summerhouse or a virtual space you need; I can provide it. In supervision with me, you’re taking time away from your other concerns and priorities – time to reflect, share and explore. In this space I will listen with an open mind to learn how you work best, giving you honest feedback and strengthening your confidence in your own ability.

Open conversations

What’s most important to me is your safety and that of your clients, ensuring you are practising in a way which supports you as well as those you are working with. Our conversations can be open and direct, you can share your experiences for honest discussion and learning because ours is a relationship of trust.

Tailored to you

Your journey will be different to mine, and anyone else’s. How we work will be determined by your needs and the best ways to meet them. Practically, we can talk in person, through Skype or on the phone. Developmentally, we will consider your experience, your situation, and your concerns to ensure you get the support you need holistically – both as a therapist and an individual.


My intention is for your empowerment through reflection, understanding and learning within our relationship

So, how does Supervision work?

Our initial conversation, or meeting, is an opportunity for the two of us to consider if we could work together – if we are the right fit. It’s a chance for me to find out more about you as a person and therapist, and your experience of counselling and supervision so far.

Having agreed to go ahead, I’ll give you a contract outlining our commitment to the process. You’ll need to sign this to go ahead with our sessions.

Each session we have is an opportunity to ensure you, and your clients, are being supported; it’s a chance to discuss any issues you face or concerns around ethical or safeguarding considerations.

Supervision session pricing

Supervision sessions are priced at £55 per hour/ £70 for 90 minutes

I’m currently unable to provide supervision sessions for students but I’d be pleased to hear from you when you’ve qualified.

Am I the right supervisor for you?

You might be interested to know some of the organisations I’ve worked with:

  • New Dawn New Day – a women’s project in Leicester
  • The Bower House – a Christian counselling service in Market Harborough
  • Coping with Cancer – supporting cancer sufferers and their families
  • Cruse Bereavement Care – a national bereavement support organisation
  • Leicester LGBT Centre – an LGBTQ+ community support centre
  • HAB Antibullying – supporting adults and children with all issues of bullying
You can find out more about me here

This is what some of my previous supervisees have said about working with me:

“I find it really helpful that I can bring ‘all of me’ into the supervision sessions. I’m aware that the sessions are not personably therapy but I feel that by being able to share, reflect on and talk through my personal experiences that it helps with my work. That’s what makes it useful because the client is getting all of me in their sessions. I feel Sam allows all of me to be heard in supervision sessions.” Shani

“Patient, relaxed, supportive, responsive, attuned, synchronised, good humoured, helpful, empathetic, caring and compassionate. I feel gently held and contained.” Vince